My son is 14 month old and i tried to give him a food what we eat for lunch and dinner before he was ok for two week but now he just have one or two bites and than he hates those food what i shall give him for his meal?


Amy - posted on 09/15/2012




I would just continue to try and offer him what you are eating for a meal. I wouldn't necessary make him anything separate but if you know he doesn't like seasoning cook his without, try to make at least one thing you know he will eat so he's not starving. Sometimes you have to introduce a new food 20 times before they will like it.

I have a very picky 6 year old and I only make him something different when I know that the entire meal I'm making he won't eat. Usually the alternative he gets is sandwich meat, it's nothing fancy. As your toddler gets a little older you can tell him that he has to take at least one bite for every year he's been alive before he can say he doesn't want anymore.

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