My son is 15 is being bullied by the jocks at school wants to be home schooled what do i do?


Ev - posted on 10/22/2013




First, you should address this issue with the school by talking to the principal and counselor. You need to have all the facts as well. You need to know what your son is being bullied about and why. He needs to tell you everything. Second, you need to see what the school officials are willing to do. Third, if you still have problems you could take it to the school board if you have to. But to just up and pull him out to home school is not the answer to everything. It is seen as a way to get away from his trouble rather than face them and try to deal with it. He is going to have to learn to deal with people in the world outside home and school when he gets done going to school. He is not going to like everything he hears, sees, and is told. He is going to be criticized, he is going to be picked on by co-workers and even bosses, he is going to live in places where his neighbors are going to be mean to him. He is going to have to learn how to handle things. If he gets to be home schooled then he does not have to face the issues and learn to work to solve his problems and that is the trouble with giving in to give him a release from the problem. And if he does this he will not know how to react correctly in all social situations. I would first start with the school and work your way from there.


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Jacqueline - posted on 10/23/2013




Thank you dear Evelyn. You were very clear minded about this. I know I am very emotional. Your suggested steps will be followed because I realize that we all have to learn to find ways of coping with difficult situations, and not run away from them as much as we would like. I will post the results of my meeting at the school tomorrow. Gratefully, Jackie Gaye

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