My son is 15 months old and still breastfeeding, i just found im pregnantt how do i wean him?

Alice - posted on 01/13/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




My son is 15 months old and has been exclusively breastfed his entire life. I just found out I'm pregnant with my second child and have been told I need to wean my son. I never planned on weaning him this soon and if I wasnt pregnant I would nurse him till he weaned himself. He eats everything we do and drinks whole milk and juice from a cup so his nursing is basically for his own comfort and when he is tired. He doesn't sleep through the night and usually wakes two to three times to nurse and goes right back to sleep. I wish I could nurse him throughout my pregnancy but I had him 6 weeks early so I am at risk for pre term labor. I don't just want to make him quit cold turkey, but I honestly don't know how to wean him!!!! Any advice would help greatly!!!!!


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Ania - posted on 01/19/2012




Do you have cramping when you BF him? your milk will decrease in few weeks on its own, my son weaned himself that way. Other than that I wouldn't know what to do

Jessica - posted on 01/15/2012




My 15 month-old son was a night time nurser and I just started giving him a sippy cup with water in it at night. And its only been a month and he very seldomly tries to nurse. its hard to listen to them cry but start out slow and and replace 1 feeding a day with the sippy cup. eventually they realize whats going on and choose the cup on their own.

Kellie - posted on 01/14/2012




I couldn't breastfeed but I do know this, you do NOT have to wean your 15 month old, who's the idiot that told you that?

There are heaps of ladies here who give you advice on Nursing while pregnant and Tandem Nursing, they will find this but there is also a Breastfeeding Community.

Oh I just saw the 6 weeks early and at risk for pre-term labour part of your OP. I still don't think it's necessary to wean your son, but I have about zero experience with this.

Do some research first before weaning your son, it may be you don't have to wean him at all.

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