my son is 15 months old...when will he start to talk????


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Danielle - posted on 05/16/2009




i agree with April. some kids are just alittle slower at some things. my son didn't start to talk til he was almost 18months. and my mom just knew something was with him but he is 3yrs old and talks better then most kids his age. I have a friend with a son and he didn't start talking til he was 4. boys seem to be slower then girls. my daugther started talking at a yr old and she is almost 6 and wont stop talking neither does my son. but like april said if you are really worried take him to the Dr's..

Gemma - posted on 05/16/2009




This sounds very familiar, my son Madison is also 15 months old and doesn't talk. He has been walking since he was 11 months. So I guess he has been concentrating on the walking and not the talking. I'm not worried.

April - posted on 05/16/2009




Kids usually do things when they are ready. Keep in mind they excel in one area at a time thus if he has really been working on walking the speech is on the back burner for a bit! Is he making sounds the mama, dada type? At his age some sounds should be heard but things like hearing can play a role, mine didn't talk much and we found he had fluid in his ear that was not draining after a set of tubes the sounds came. I would say if your really concerned call your Dr. and just voice your concern and see what their opinoin is. I laugh when I think of my little brother who was 18 months before deciding he wanted to walk never because he couldn't just had no interest! It comes in time and then it doesn't stop lol!

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