My son is 15 months, && will not wear shoes? I need help mommies!! :)

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I have tried everything. Crib shoes, hard shoes but he freaks out.

I just need some tips so i can let my son get down and walk. =]


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Elfrieda - posted on 04/22/2012




My son hated shoes for a while, too. I sympathized because I like to be barefoot, too, and just let him run in his socks or barefoot, it was summer anyway. I carried a cloth for wiping his feet if he got muddy, and extra socks in the diaper bag. I got funny looks from other parents, but I didn't really care. I found that malls and stores don't really care if it's a baby who's barefoot, even though the sign says "shoes must be worn". After a while he got interested in shoes and how some shoes belong to Mama, some shoes belong to Daddy, and some shoes belong to him. After that it was not a big deal to put them on, even though he'd pull them off whenever he sat in the carseat. He still does that, and he's 2.5.

One thing to watch out for is whether the shoes are hurting him. My son has very round feet, basically like sausages with toes! It's difficult to find shoes that are high enough to fit him comfortably, so if he's in uncomfortable shoes, of course he hates them.

Katherine - posted on 04/22/2012




The only shoes my daughter would wear were Robeez. That's IT. But you say he won't wear these?

Maybe you need to just accept the fact that he is not going to wear them. Both of my daughters walked without shoes.

ETA: Didn't read that correctly, they didn't walk OUTSIDE without shoes, I thought you meant he wasn't walking yet, my bad.

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