My son is 16 and I have just recieved ANOTHER call from the principle. He hates school. Walks out whenever he feels like it. The school is suggesting I make other arrangements. He is bright,scored advanced on all MCAS, has tons of friends (not all are a good influence). Has a


Laura - posted on 11/27/2012




My son is 17. He has never gotten in trouble in school but gets terrible grades. He scored really high on the SAT's. He never does homework and has failed some classes. When I tell people how smart he is but does terrible, every single person says the same thing.. that he is bored at school. If I were you I would make an appointment with the guidance counselor at school. Also, if he has a cell phone, video game, any thing that he likes, take it away from him every time he walks out or any time he does something else that isn't appropriate.. that seemed to be the only thing that worked (at least a little) with my son - take away the stuff he likes.. starting with his most favorite thing!!

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