My son is 16. He is reading disabled and has a learning disability in math as well. I have begged the school for years and for one on one help in his other classes. The same answer i get every time funds are available,Yes they would say these types of students need help.But they always said no staff to teach them and no funds for such programs, I feel terrible. i feel I have let my son dowmI have thought so much about suing the school. Tears are rolling down my face as i type this, IS it too late?


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It is not JUST the responsibility of the school. You, too, have an obligation to do what you can. Why can YOU not set up one on one tutoring for your son? Especially in this day & age, when tutoring services (both free and low cost) exist in almost every place I've heard of.

At the very least, you could have taken some adult education courses to better prepare yourself to help your son. As it stands, you've left the problem until the kid is 16! If kids have struggles learning, it doesn't just pop up in HS, there are signs, etc all along.

So, unfortunately, yes, it may be too late for your kid to get over his learning issues...mostly because you have waited for others to 'do something'...rather than stepping up yourself and getting things started years ago.

What you can do NOW: Find tutoring assistance in your area. Most areas, as I stated, have one, or two 'learning clubs' or tutoring establishments. Yes, you may have to pay for this, unless you have proof of a mental disability that affects learning. Yes, it may require you to go out of your way to meet his tutoring schedule, and yes, it may be an inconvenience for you. Thats part of being a parent.

Hopefully you can find the outside assistance that you need.

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