my son is 18 and feels he is an adult and shouldn't have a curfew


Chet - posted on 11/15/2014




What time is the curfew exactly? And why do you want him to have a curfew?

I don't really believe in curfews. I think that reasonable people should keep each other reasonably well-informed regarding their whereabouts, and they should come home at reasonable times based on where they are going, what they are doing, and when they need to get up in the morning.

I also think it's better to drive responsibly and get home at 11:15pm, rather than speed to make an 11pm curfew. I think it's better to help a friend get home safely than to ditch your friend to make curfew. I think it's better to miss the bus and get home 30 minutes late than to bolt across traffic because you'll miss curfew if you aren't on THAT bus.

Dove - posted on 11/15/2014




Your house, your rules. If he doesn't like it he can move out.

That being said... did you sit down with him and discuss your reason for whatever time the curfew is set and did he sit down and explain why he wants differently? Yes, he is an adult, but he's an adult living in a home with other adults (namely... his parents) and there needs to be communication and respect going on from both sides.


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~♥Little Miss - posted on 11/15/2014




Legally he is an adult. BUT, he is in your home and should respect your rules especially if he is still in high school. Maybe sit down with your adult son and discuss rules and boundries that you can both agree on and are fair. Unfortunatley, it is hard to see our children growing up.

Jandi - posted on 11/15/2014




Out of respect for you and your home he should abide by your rules, he is 18 and he could be out on his own. He should have understand that you set a curfew for a reason, when he's not home your always worried.

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