my son is 2 and we recently switched him to his todller bed and since we have he wont fall asleep in his bedroom alone... what do i do?


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Helen - posted on 08/25/2011




ya i actually did ALL of that lol he was very excited! the first night he fell asleep fine in his new bed all by himself i think mainly because he was exhausted, but the next day and every day since he wants someone in his room with him to fall asleep, once he is asleep we can leave but it is a pain having to be in there every night (or rather its a pain for my husband hehe im busy getting out 8 month old daughter to sleep)

Constance - posted on 08/24/2011




Did you try and get him excited about his new bed. Try this: Take him and let im pick out his bedding from the store. Then let him load it in the washer and dryer. Then let him help make the bed. Mainly you can get the bttom sheet on the mattress then let him do the rest. It will b messy but that is ok because he will be proud that he did it himself. The whole time keep him pumped up.

Say something along these lines. Keep a hyper higher voice as well. Guess what weare doing today? We are going to go pick out you new sheets and blanket for your big boy bed. You are such a big boy you deservebig boy sheets. After we buy them you et to put them in the washer like a big boy does. When they are done washing like a big boy your are going to put them in the dryer. Then you get to be a even bigger boy and make your big boy bed.

Keep reminding him he is a big boy and he should climb right ino his big boy bed and fall asleep. When he is don making his bed praise him lie crazy. How proud you are of him ing such a big boy to make his bg boy bed so well. He will eat it up.

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