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my son is 2 months old and doesnt sleep very well at night but sleeps a lot during the day how do i et him to sleep more at night?


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I wish I had the magic answer for you but after 3 sons I discovered that their internal clocks just have to adjust on their own. My only suggestion would be that when you get up in the night with your son, turn as few lights on as possible so as to help establish that dark time is dark time and light time is light time.

Kerrie - posted on 10/28/2008




My daughter was just like you son, so i completely understand how exhausting it is. I know it does not feel like it now but there is light at the end of the tunnel, he will eventually sleep. A friend of mine said do whatever you have to, to get by and that is my advice to you. Dont worry about what you should do or what the books say do what you have to, whether that is more feeds, a bottle, or letting him cry a little. When our daughter would wake and not go back to sleep i would take her into bed with me and cuddle her, she would generally go back to sleep. We also discovered that our daughter likes to sleep in a warm room and would wake when the temp drop in the early hours of the morning, so we put a heater on a timer and she slept better. I hope it helps in a month of 2 you can try control crying or there is a book called safe sleep spaces that may help. I hope that you get sleep soon!

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Hi my name is Renée. I didn't have this issue with my son but just some ideas... You could have set times to put the baby to sleep eg. when he wakes he's awake 1-2hrs depending how long feeding etc takes then allow to sleep 3 hours max and continue cycle, during the day leave bedroom door open, go about your routine as normal there's no need to sneak around, leave tv or stereo so bubs gets use to noise and recognises day time is not long sleep time. If he sleeps for more then 3 hours you could try waking him by holding upright and tickling feet or by taking off his top the chill will wake him, this is a good time for tummy time or laying him down on playmat or something and talking to him. Bright colourful toys or musical toys might attract his attention but don't let people talk youinto buying heaps expensive ones unless you want to of course. I know experts say not to give babies food till 6 months but i know people that gave at 2 months-farex, i fed my son farex at 4 months, one lady fed farex with custard for dinner as well as a bottle of milk... your son, your choice. A routine at night might take a couple of weeks for him to get use to but it's your consistency that helps with that, putting him down for naps at same time during during day every day and then again at night will help him get use to the routine, or some kind of bedtime habit like a bath or story, just to help him recognise bedtime is near. Even when he does get into a rountine that rountine may still include one feed during the night. Sometimes he may wake but not be hungry, don't feel bad to let him cry he will go back t sleep, of course if his screaming for a while pick him up comfort him then put him back down. I know it might seem hard or nasty but once he gets use to it you will be glad you did it. Remember not to get worked up about it bacause every baby is an individual, i have a son and a few nieces and nephews every one of them had a different routine. You have a beautiful son, congratulations and keep up the good work!

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Hello Stephanie,

i had the same problem with both my children and found that cutting out the late avro sleep and introducing a bath play feed routine at 6 - 6.30 pm made them pass out by 7pm and just dont give in if you decide its sleep time then it is sleep time., i know it's hard especially if he is your first, but by being strong about it now you save yourself alot of help later on. also try the night time bath wash by johnsons it works wonders, and if it hit 2am in the morning and bub want up repeat the routine.

let me know if it works good luck, nikki.

Jasmine - posted on 10/28/2008




hi stephanie, i have 4 children and 2 months is still quite young, usually giv them till 3 or so months to slip into a routine, its tough i know ...u could try letting him have a nap then waking him, by uncovering his feet, however i would just see if he slips into a routine by himself first, goodluck!

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