My son is 2 years old and I cannot get him to eat anything! I mean literally nothing! Is it possible he has forgotten how to eat? He use to eat baby food, but he won't even eat that anymore. When we try to feed him food, he gags or acts like he is going to throw up! I am getting frustrated! He is still drinking out of a bottle. I give him a sippy cup and drinks out of it sometimes! I need some help! Thanks!


Faye - posted on 09/11/2013




Remove all the bottles from his use. He is getting all the calories he needs from those bottle.

Place all liquid in sippy cup and box up those bottles! When he is hungry enough he will eat.

Three sippy cups of milk and one cheese stick/slice is enough calcium and vitamin D for him a day. 1/2 cup in sippy cup of juice is enough vitamin C for him a day, right now. Don't allow him to nurse that same sippy cup all day.

When you first give him a sippy cup unless it is water the contents are no good after one hour. After that toss the contents and start fresh. All other liquids, for the day should be water.

Make the boxing of the bottles a game. You place a complete one (bottle, nipple, lid and ring) in and have him place the next one. After all bottles are in the box, seal it with tape and address to the local hospital. Explain to him that he is a big boy now and does not need those bottles but that you are sending them to the hospital so other babies can use them. Make a show of placing them out for the mail pickup (without placing postage on it). Once he is distracted playing, "reclaim" the box and hide it for the next child's use, if you want.

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