my son is 22 months old, but he hasn't weaned off of the bottle yet.

Jasleen - posted on 06/25/2010 ( 12 moms have responded )




my son is 22 months old,but he hasn't weaned off of bottle yet.If i give him milk in sipping cup(that he uses to drink water,juice,etc),he refuses to have any milk.what should i do??


Heather - posted on 06/25/2010




Carissa, He should be off the bottle for PROPER ORAL DEVELOPMENT. Your child psychologist should consult with a pediatric dentist and orthodontist before providing that advice!

Ive worked for/with both including during my pregnancy, and orthodontists can tell even in adult years when children stayed on a bottle/breast longer then necessary, they typical develop narrow pallates and have severe crowding/rotation of the front teeth (including the adult ones!) And toddlers that stay on bottles after 1 year old have a higher rate of decay in the front teeth (not ALL but most) Babies/Toddlers that use the bottle/breast to fall asleep also retain some liquid in their mouths increasing the chances of "bottle rot" decay and ear infections. Now Im not saying this Cant Happen when Sippies are given and the right stages, but it is Less Common.

If your child has a favorite type of sippie cup, stock up and throw the bottles out. Its for the benefit that your child will no longer see them, therefore less likelyhood of wanting the bottle after a couple of days and so that YOU cant give in to his tantrums, because eventually you might get weak. BE STUBBORN. Even my pediatrician said, A Healthy Child WILL NOT let themselves severly dehydrate, he will drink when he's thirsty. And if he refuses to drink milk out of them, then you have to ONLY have milk in them for a minimum of the first 2 weeks. You may have a decent amount spoil, but once he realizes that is the ONLY thing he gets to drink and the only thing he will get to drink from he will give up.

I wish you luck, My sister is finally breaking the habit this weekend (my nephew will be 23 months)

Carissa - posted on 06/25/2010




Is there a reason why you need him to be off bottles? My son is just about to turn 2 and only has recently gone off his bottles the last month or so and did it himself. He still drinks milk from a sipper cup along with juice and water though doesn't drink much milk at all anymore compared to the 4-5 bottles a day he used to have. I was speaking with a child psychologist recently and she wonders why we need to force children to do things that they will do in their own time...

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Throw the bottles away. He should have been off them by now. He will most likely pitch a fit for a few days but he will realize you are not going to give in and will eventually take the milk in a cup.

P.S. you child doesn't need to drink milk. My son is 4 and has NEVER drank milk. He hates it. We supplement with lots of dairy items and a multivitamin.


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Sarah - posted on 06/26/2010




My daughter is 26 months, and only just given up her bedtime bottle (yes, she had it before bed and we brushed teeth after).
It happened by accident really, the teat on her bottle broke and the milk spilt over her. So I told it was broken, offered her 2 types of beaker (sippy cup) she chose one, and she drank her milk from it! (well, only a bit of it, but she's getting used to it now!)

My eldest was over 3 by the time she gave up her last bottle. It didn't harm her teeth or anything, I think if she had been having EVERY drink from a bottle, then it could do harm, but one bottle a day isn't the end of the world.

I wouldn't force it, getting the milk into them is more important in my opinion. Try saying it's broken, or take him out to buy his own "big boy" cup, or maybe a reward, like stickers or something?

He won't be drinking out of a bottle forever, so don't worry! :)

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My son started drinking from sippy cups during the day at around 10 months. On my his first birthday we threw the bottles away. I didn't introduce juice and water until after that. He still prefers milk and we had no problems.

Medic - posted on 06/26/2010




My son was off before his first birthday..just throw them away. We threw away all his sippy cups on his second birthday and he has been doing fine ever since.

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I'm just relaying what his doctor told me.Maybe we both was a little slow-just trying to help.

Sherri - posted on 06/26/2010




That is total BS Carol they most certainly are not. All my boys were off a bottle by 11 mo's. Boys are no slower than girls it is how slow the parents are in taking it away.

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Boys are slower than girls.Try just giving him a bottle at night.Have him drink out of sippy cup during day.My son didn't give up his night bottle til a few weeks before he was 2 years old.Then he threw his bottle on the floor&I threw it away.Good luck hope it helps.

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I just took the bottle away and replaced it with a sippy and at a year I took her pacifier away as well and never had any problem.

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try the nuby collecton they have soft tips n look like botlle then slowey move up to the big boy cup

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Ah the dreaded bottle! My son didn't want to give up his bottle either, he loved his bottle. My doctor said OFF at 12 months......OMG didn't happen. We finally got him off at 18 months ( at which point he had been off daytime bottles for 4-5 months I think)

One trick you can do, put full milk in his cup, and put watered down milk in his bottle. and keep making it more watery in the bottle, but just enough milk to keep the white color. My doctor also recommded making him hold his bottle, we always did because we always held him duing a feeding. Don't leave bottle readily available for him either.

I know 22 months seems like forever, but your son will give itup, I am not a mom to just take it away and let them cry it out, I don't see the purpose in it! I would just keep working at it, and keep offereing the cup with milk in it. It will happen!

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