My son is 23 months old and has forgotten things he used to know like pointing to body parts and associating animal noises. Is this ALWAYS a sign of autism or could it be something else?

Lyndal - posted on 06/15/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




He is a bubbly, energetic, happy boy (most of the time). If I am reading a book he will come over and see what it is. If I am on my laptop he will come and start typing on it. He can imaginary play and often offers me a pretend drink or something to eat. He plays with toys correctly- so a car gets pushed around and a guitar gets strummed. He can do basic puzzles, colour with crayons, recognise familiar people, name simple things on picture cards (like Ball, Apple, Frog etc). He says about 100 basic words (mummy, daddy, car, bubbles, ice cream, bath, outside, nanny, sissy, can name the wiggles characters and point to the appropriate one and likewise with Toy Story characters etc). He does make eye contact but it seems inconsistent and he does respond to his name but again is inconsistent. He jumps and flaps his hands when excited, loves cuddles and offers kisses. He likes to listen to wiggles music and dance and watch the same movies. His speech is delayed for his age and I feel he doesn't try to talk to me, he just pulls me from the lounge to take me where he wants to go. Everyone keeps telling me he is fine. Does this sound normal? I am having a proper evaluation done but it is a week away and naturally I am worried sick.

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