MY son is 23 yrs old and against the old because of his age he is a loving father of his 2 sons. He was married at a young age after very difficult times dealing with the fact that they were so young he insisted this was what they both wanted. Well, their divorced and with no support from her parents but instead it was control she took the kids and ran. I begged her to seek counseling and because it was my daughter in law that was cheating she denied everything and became a very bitter person. She is now in california with my grandsons and broke the court orders because she didnt get permission from the courts or the father. She tells my son I AM IN CONTROL AND YOU BETTER GET THAT STRAIGHT. The court ordered that he get the kids on the even years and she get then on the odd well last year on Dec 16th she called and left a message that she hated to burst his bubble but the kids are staying home with her family and that traveling is dangerous. This christmas she screamed at him and told him her grandparents are gettin f'n old and thast they need to see them so if he wanted he could go there and visit. So instead of arguing he decided to go there and discussed it with her a day later. Well then the truth comes out that they were going to vegas to visit family and wouldnt be back until dec 29th. Then she ignored his calls on x-mas and texted him 2 days later and told him she could only text because her ph was broke. So I had my girlfriend call her from her ph to see if she answered and because it was from missouri she wouldnt recognize the number sure enough she answered and thats because she doesnt have her boys her parents do. I'm so broken for my grandsons so broken for my son. And if u think thats not enough she is on a web site smoking bongs and joiints and has provocative pics of herself. Help me!!!! It cost us 8000.00


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Jodi - posted on 12/29/2012




I am pretty sure you can also file for contempt, and if she continues to violate court ordered visitation, your son should consider filing for primary custody, because she is very clearly intervening in the relationship between the children and the father. If the court can see that he, as a parent, is less likely to interfere in the relationship between the children and both parents, the courts may well be likely to award it to him, particularly in light of her continued violations.

Dove - posted on 12/29/2012




If he has a court order for visitation he can take it to the police station. Violating a court order is a criminal offense.

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