my son is 3 1/2 and is not speaking that many words and blabbering

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my son is 31/2yrs old almost 4yrs old and my concern with him is that he only speaks a couple words in english & only 2-3 in chinese other wise he is always blabbering and he has three languages going on spanish, english and chinese but he understands all three languages.....any suggestions would definetely help me and he is a very smart boy he knows a lot of things just speaking is my concern........

to katherine...the main language at home is chinese, only that when i drop him off at my mother's place it is spanish only and with us its english since that is the only way for me and my husband to communicate and understand each other and with our child...

juleah yes he is the only child at home and my only he is usually around only adutls unless we have gatherings with my family then there is children around him which he can be shy at times but once he is comfortable he is a big time blabber

michelle....loved your comment because seems like we have the same scenario and situation as my child ...he understand pretty good all three languages but is just not speaking only blabbering and only knows a couple of words in english...which concerned me...was your son david at the time and only child and when u realized that he was not talking only blabbering did u ever to take him to see a speech therapist....thank you would like to know more about your son.....really appreciate all of you moms out there your great feedback it really helps a lot as a first time mom....


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My son david is 7 and he had a similar situation. We raised him speaking German, French, and English. David would "blabber" until he was about 4 and 1/2 years old. I don't know why it was but he understood sentenced in each languages but seemed to prefer to make "noises". When he was 4 we started playing cartoons in each language and in about a year he was very good at speaking. I would not worry if I were you, have a great night!

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Kids raised around 5 languages, learn to speak five languages. Your son is lucky. He understands you, so that narrows down the poss issues. Have his hearing checked. That can lead to late speech.
Also, is he an only child? Maybe he doesn't need to talk? If someone is rushing to meet his needs without him needing to ask, why would he speak?
At 3.5, I'd get him evaluated, but not be overally concerned at this time.

Katherine - posted on 05/23/2011




Is he maybe confused with all of the languages? What is the primary language spoken in your house?


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