My son is 3 1/2 yrs old & has just started Pre-K.. He has never been in a school setting before so this is a new experience for him. My son also has problem chewing foods with texture but has seen a therapist & we are gradually working with.. My issues are I'm not particularly charing for his teacher's.. Now before anyone judges me I've been on both sides of the fence teacher/parent... But it appears to me that this is more of a problem with them then my son. I prepare & send his lunch to school but there are some foods on the lunch menu he can eat.. He is PICKY eater so sometimes luch is very redundit.. I also feel the teacher's lack personality.. My son seems content in this class but it's only October and I do not think the vibe between the teacher's are going to change.. June is not around the corner.. What do I do????


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Shalese - posted on 10/22/2012




Well you need personality for effective communication in reference to my child... So if it doesn't make sense to you then oh well... As I stated it's only between the teacher's & I.. Perhaps you should read my post aain or not.

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