my son is 3 and a half yrs old and still cannot have a conversation, he repeats whatever we ask him to tell, he loves rhymes he tells all rhymes ., a-z, 1-10, fruits but he cannot have a conversation like other kids of his age. please help me i am worried if i need to take some medical help.


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Emily - posted on 12/28/2012




my 3 year old is the same way and we had him evaluated last Feb and it showed that he was talking like an 18 month old. We made sure he was not tongue tied which he was not. He is in speech therapy now and is starting to talk more he is mostly repeating things, but that is the learning process according to the speech therapist. Keep your head up and if you have not had him evaluated then you should just to make sure there is nothing else going on.

Dove - posted on 12/23/2012




I would talk to his doctor about being evaluated. It couldn't hurt and might really be able to help you figure out how to help him best.

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