My son is 3 and half year old. I am trying to teach him numbers.

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can some one give me good Idea how I can teach him. He knows 1 to 30 but in 11 to 20 he is just not paying attention or what I dont know but all the time he is missing some numbers. I dont understand why as he knows all the numbers as soon as I help him finishing 20 than again he don't need help he is good to go. Now he wants to learn more number but I don't want to teach him more before he clear 11-20. can someone give me good Idea as he not going in to any school or daycare. Also after telling him so many time correct thing I would easily shout on him, I don't want that he scare from study or number. Please give me some good advise that can help me and him.


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Well, okay ... he is three, so doesn't really need to know how to count to 30.

Many kids miss 11, 12 and 15 ... not sure why, they just do

Forget teaching him how to count, not important and not of use

What he needs to have is number sense ... meaning he knows that 5 is more then 2 ... or the three dots on a dice are the same as three fingers or the same as the number 3

So, at this age all you need to do is count with him. Count spoons you put on the tabel at dinner, the number of carrots on his plates at lunch, the number of socks he puts on his feet .... numbers are everywhere, point them out, make it a game, make it fun .... the rest will come

As for the ABC's again, knowing that song is of little use

He needs to know each letter makes a sound and he needs to know what the sound is .....


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In preschool, they only focus on numbers 1-10. He is only 3. Some kids at 3 don't know 1-10 and yes, some can count a lot higher. Don't push him, don't get frustrated. Repetition is important, but also try to interact counting with daily activities rather than just saying the numbers for the sake of saying them.

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My girls at 3 could count to 100 (w/ help on the 10's... 30, 40, 50, etc...), but couldn't count to 20 cuz they always skipped 14 and 16. They didn't figure it out til they started preschool.

My 3.5 year old son counts to 13 w/ no trouble, but is still working on getting to 20. Repitition and patience are key. One thing I do to help him remember which number comes next is to hold up my fingers cuz he knows they all end in 'teen, but looking at my fingers helps him remember WHICH 'teen it is.

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It is tricky, repetition is the key. That is excellent what he can do already. Just take it slow, and don't push it. Chant numbers when driving or doing house stuff with him. Really, don't push. There is no need. Don't shout, don't correct, just tell him what a good job he is doing. Same goes with ABC's.

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learning posters are always a god idea. Have him help you make a poster with numbers 1-30 on. Use lots of colourful pictures and have him colour it in. Also make sure you give lots of praise and encouragement when he does well. You could also try getting him to count bits of dry pasta which he can then use to make a picture. However he is only 3 and a half, don't put too much pressure on him to learn too much too fast. Just take things slowly, lots of repitition, praise and encouragement and above all make learning fun! Good luck :o)

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