my son is 3years old and undiagnosed a year an a half i noticed it and its gotten worse and worse .I have a 18month old also,and i cannot leave my son alone with her for a second.Scared because i see her showing same traights.I have tried everything and i am going crazy and scared,i just cant take it.ive had 4 other children who act nothing like this.i dont know what to do,it is making me so irritable and short,upset,depressed,scared.....i am so lost....any ideas??????????????


Amanda - posted on 10/19/2012




I agree with what Michelle said about taking a deep breath and letting it out.

The more wound up you get the worse your son will behave. If you have no control over the situation your childs behavour will escalate and will have a knock on effect on how your youngest child behaves.

Definately pick your battles, some things are just really not worth the fight.

If you think its more a defience issue, you need to stay strong and not back down.

Don't argue with him. He's 3, you're the one that is in charge not him.

Have you been to a doctor about his behaviour?? They may be able to give you techniques to learn how to deal with your son in a different way.

Diet plays a part in how kids behave and well as sleep issues and even boredom.

What you see as ADHD could be something totally different and have a really easy fix.

My son was diagnosed a year ago. He is now 4 1/2. The doctors explored every aspect of our lifestyle and diets before hewas given a final diagnois.


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Starr - posted on 10/19/2012




seems more like its the defient disorder.he fights me and argues every conversation we have...5 min later same discipline does ANY good....thank you for your reply

Michelle - posted on 10/19/2012




Check out the feingold diet this helps with many toddlers to get them leveled out, also you can try a herbal thing called quietude here is the link it is basically chamomille but in a small liquid form it really helps my daughter to slow down and have a less whirl wind day. I do have a child with adhd so I do know how hard they can be. Stop take a deep breath and let it out. choose your battles as everything will become a battle after awhile.

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