My son is 4 months and is starting solids. He has 5 bottles a day. Is it ok to give him rice cereal with formula at 08:00, pumpkin with formula at 12:00 and fruit with formula at 16:00? The other 2 meals are just formula.


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Charne - posted on 10/09/2012




I didnt mention in my post that it a teaspoon measurement. Thanks for your responses.

Amy - posted on 10/09/2012




That sounds like a lot of solids for a 4 month old. I didn't start my daughter till 6 months and even then it was a teaspoon a day at 7 months a day she got solids twice a day no more than an ounce or two. I did start my oldest earlier than 6 months, probably at like 4 but that was the reccomendation when he was younger, even then though it was inconsistent and never more that a spoonful.

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