my son is 4 years old, i was working with him to use the toilet for a year, he has peeing in the toilet down pact, but when it comes to doing # 2, he keeps doing it on himself. Any suggestions?


Jennifer - posted on 05/30/2012




The #2 is always the hardest. You have to just try different techniques and see what works. One of my children was especially hard with that one. She just hated sitting on the toilet long enough to let things happen. I took her to the store and let her pick out a book. Then, I only allowed her to look at the book when on the potty. She loved that book, and wanted to look at it all the time, so she finally sat long enough to go #2. My third child would do great for a couple days, then just not care. We would go for a month or so, then he would do good, then not care again. I had always given him a fruit snack (just one piece) for successful potty trips, but then I added that if I had to clean up a mess, I got to eat a fruit snack. He was so worried that I would get to eat all his fruit snacks, that he never had another accident. You could also start a reward chart for your child. Every time he goes in the potty, he gets a star, and after so many stars, he gets a really special treat, but if he goes in his pants, you take a star away.

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