my son is 4 yrs old ,always cries for everything he only wants to play every time he cant sit at a place for sometime, he dont want to read or write he wants to go here and there every time to play


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sounds pretty typical of a 4yr old. he could be lacking in disciplinary strategies at home, or be on an unbalanced diet? if you are really concerned about his behaviour, you need to take him to a paediatrician to be assessed (which is very expensive). at 4yrs old, most children will benefit from a play based learning scheme as opposed to curriculum based. try to incorporate reading and writing into games. have him draw letters in the sand, make his name out of magazine pieces, make stickers for around the house 'door', 'tv', 'fridge' etc and ask him what they say. there are lots of ways you can approach learning without sitting him down to read and write. its all about how you approach it. if he has negative attitudes and perceptions about learning, you need to change those with positive ones. the best way is to make it fun for him, the learning will come. also remember, children need time to play, in fact it is vital to their learning.

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