My son is 5.5 mos. old and fell off the couch. he seems ok. what should i do?

Arbrey - posted on 02/25/2010 ( 19 moms have responded )




Jordyn (is 5.5 months old) and he fell off the couch. I didn't even know he could roll over yet. My first son never fell and never got hurt. I am worried about Jordyn and wonder what I should do. He didn't fall on his soft spot and nothing is wrong with his head. He seems to be alright. He's not crying or anything but i am keeping a good eye on him. Has anyone Else's babies fallen. What did you all do to make sure your babies were okay.


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Hey Arbrey, my son is the same age and he rolled off the couch just last week. It scared him more than anything I think. He cried for a bit but was easily distracted with a song. Later that day, by chance, I had him at the childrens hospital for an appt to have his flat spot looked at. I told the physiotherapist what had happened earlier, and she said he was fine. I know it's tough, it makes you feel like such a bad parent, but apparently this happens alot. Take it easy on yourself, and remember to watch them like a hawk now they can roll! I know I do!!

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Mine fell off our couch around the same age. She luckily fell on a bunched up comforter that was under the couch. So in the end she only fell maybe 4 inches.

If you are worried call his doctor.

Children most often cry when they are hurt. But head injuries can often go unnoticed because the child doesn't cry.

Kimberly - posted on 02/25/2010




o yes dear, my daughter fell off my couch before we got carpet she was 3 months at the time ...i felt horrible, rushed her to the hospital and they basically left us out in the hallway in a bed bc that is how not serious it was...they told me if she ever fell again the look for an immediate bruise(hemmatoba) and if she ever had that to bring her in....and believe me my daughrter is clumsy like me lol so she falls all the time...she is almost three....your baby will be fine just make sure he keeps acting himself....good luck

Jackie - posted on 01/04/2011




My daughter fell off the couch too about that age. I called her doc he she said as long as she's no inconsolable or not eating and drinking that she would be ok just keep an eye on her. Hope he's ok

Jen - posted on 02/26/2010




im sure ur son will be fine my boy has fallen 3 times off the bed when he was about about 6 month he did cry but it was just the shock. i wud just be more aware not to leave him on his own where he can fall off if ur gna leave him leave him on the floor then he can pratice rolling over.

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Christina - posted on 01/04/2011




Especially falling on a hardwood floor, it would be the best idea to go see the doctor immediately. Just so your child can get looked at and the doctor can determine the state of the baby. Better be safe than sorry. ;)

Zatonda - posted on 02/25/2010




make sure you tell your doc on the next visit, very common for kids to do when learning how to rolling over. since you know, keep him close to the floor while sleeping or in the crib , don't want too many head bumps.

Arbrey - posted on 02/25/2010




thanks everyone for all the advice.!! Jordyn is fine. I think it scared me more than him!

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Oh goodness, my first son fell off the bed, off the change table, I fell down the stairs carrying him... poor little guy! I'm amazed my 5 month old hasn't fallen yet! My oldest was always fine. The only time we took him in was when he fell out of his crib when he was around a year. He was just fine, and the doctor who looked at him said babies are very resilient. He said he'd seen babies fall off of counters onto tile or hardwood floors and have no ill effects.
I would keep an eye on him, but if he seems okay, I wouldn't worry. Are your floors carpeted or hardwood/tile?

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My daughter fell off the bed and landed on the cat's bed. We looked her over, gave her tylonel and sat up with her for the rest of the night. Asked the baby sitter to keep an eye on her the next day because she seemed to be crying no nothing. It was a week later that my mom ended up taking her to the hospital while she was babysitting for us because she was banging her head on her crib mattress.....scared the crap out of all of us enough that I drove 2 hours straight to get there in time for her MRI.

Never ever will I do that again.....she falls like that she goes straight to the after care office or ER. We even took her to the after care office when the dog bite her thumb a few days ago just to get the "she's okay, neosporin, bandaid and keep covered until it heals" speech.

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While I am sure he is fine they say you should observe them closely for 48 hours and wake them up every 4 hours to make you that he arouses enough to recognize you. If he doesn't arouse, vomits, irritable, sleepy etc you should have him checked out.

I am sure he is fine but that is what you are suppose to do.

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i no how you feel Arbrey my 13 mth old fell off the sofa today i know its very different to a little 5 mth old but shes tiny for her age and got a bad bang.she didn't cry for long and i watched her for tiredness and to make sure she was alert and not getting doctor told me to look for these after my first had a fall as a toddler daughter didn't cut herself or anything.if your little one is okay showing no signs of these or isn't sore if you touch her she will be okay.but again like i have done if i was very worried id take her to the doc the understand a mothers worry over there child,even if it turns out to be nothing.:)

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my baby has never fallen off the bed or the couch...but u should be really carefull with babies at that age they start doing things that u think they cant do...i think that u should go take him for a check up to be sure nothing is really wrong...good luck with that...

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Take him and get him checked just in case, they'll check his reflexses and his eye, neck back and joints and probably advise you to lay him on a blanket on the floor from now on since he's obviously starting to get mobile. My eldest quickly learned to flip her baby bouncer and bounced herself off the arm chair by about three or four months it was a pain for her and me she loved that bouncer and it kept her occupied while I was doing dishes, I moved her to her pram then but she wasn't strong enough to bounce it and we didn't have room for a baby swing, and britain didn't have jolly jumpers back then....... Oh she graduated highschool went to college and is now going back to study geography, she's thiry this year! :)

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My son fell off the couch onto a hard wood floor when he was 5 months old and I screamed so loud because I was scared. I picked him up and cuddled him. He cried about 5-10 min then stopped. My mom just said make sure he didn't go to sleep for a few hrs in case he had a concusion. Everything was good. It's ok to worry but your baby will be fine!

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My baby fell on his head off the bed(he squirmed off my lap). I check the pupils to see if they are the same size and that they shrink in the light. He hit his head with a babysitter one time on concrete and when we took him to the emergency room that is all they did. Make sure he is acting normally and that he doesn't throw up. These are the signs of an injury.(Don't worry, my son is three now and those were the only times he got hurt).

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My son fell off of the couch twice, my bed once and out of his crib once all before he was 1 year old. I will tell you what my mom told me. "He is fine. Babies bounce". This wont be the first time he falls off the couch...nor will it be the last. Just keep an eye on him just in case.

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Don't worry. My son was a couple weeks old when he fell off the bed. I totally freeked out and picked him up. After some crying he was fine. I believe my daughter also fell once when she was young. At 5 months old, I'm sure he's fine. If you're worried, call your Dr.

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