My son is 5 years old and has always had a consent cough since he was born, when he gets sick it gets worse, the doctors say hes fine its due to his Ashma but he was never dignosied with it, can someone help me figure out what is wrong with my son?


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Take him to another doctor. My girls had an almost constant cough from 1.5-3ish years old. We knew they had an allergy (runny nose too), but it took us a year and a half to finally discover that they were allergic to our laundry soap. Switched that and the cough and runny nose instantly went away.

I coughed all day and night every day and night for 3.5 years straight.... I finally went to the doctor and got an inhaler and w/in 2 weeks I was no longer coughing... unless I am exposed to one of my irritants, but then... the inhaler straightens that out again.

If your son is constantly coughing and the doctor isn't even TRYING to get it under control... you need a new doctor.


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