my son is 5 years old and he was diagnosed with adhd 2 years ago, his doctor prescribed him ritalin and I gave it to him few times. It was,s loke a zombie and he was just picking on his lips until it start bleeding. I stopped giving him this awful medicine and decided to take care of his behavior issues on my own. He got kicked out from 5 preschools and finally we find one preschool where the teacher was able to control his behavior. However, our problems started when he started kndergarten last year. He got suspended from school 3 times and we had to go back to his psychologist and they put him now on adderall xr. I don't know what to do, should I put him on this medicine or not. I am afraid of the risks and that he may be to young but I don't have a choice, I want him to stay in school and feel loved. Right now he is marked as the worst child and everyone is micromenaging every single move he makes. Does anyone have any similar experience. Please help me out .

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My son is 5 years old and he was diagnosed with adhd 2 years ago. I always thought that adhd is a myth an I am still having very hard time understanding that kids have to take medicine for that. 2 years ago my son was put on ritalin but side effects were horrible and after trying it for few times I stopped giving it ti him. Since then my son was kicked out from 4 preschools until we finally find the preschool where the teacher was able to control his behavior. However, he started kindergarten last year and our problem got worst. We did everything that school was able to offer so we can work together to control his behavioral problems. Recently, he got suspended from kindergarten for 3 days on 2 different incidents. We had to go back to his do tor who decided that the onky solution is to put him on adderall xr. I don't know what to do, I am totally against the medi ine at such early age but it looks like I don't have a choice.


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Is it possible to get him put into private school or have someone watch him like homeschool him? Possibly with a one on one person? They could take him to groups where he could be put with other kids for short periods of time very supervised instead of all the time.

It may be the pressure of having to be on all day long. It might be better if he can work on educational things with someone else and focused social things in short amounts like at a homeschooling group or other program.

Can he go back to the preschool where the teacher can control his behavior? If not could that teacher have a conference with his teacher right now? What worked with her that isn't working with this teacher? If he was able to control himself that means there was something he could use.

Also is he ever in any sort of extra curricular activity? Sometimes a kid like that is much more active and having a karate class or swim class or something going on can help get rid of some of that. Karate helps with self-control also as well as self-esteem (especially if he's having difficulties in school).

I would look into some of those things before putting him back on medication. If he is still acting out a lot talk to his doctor about it and see what they recommend. If he's having a bad reaction to that medication again talk to the doctor about getting him off. See if maybe he can learn some calming techniques while calmer on the medication so he can maybe transfer those skills to when he's off of it.

I hope some of that is helpful!

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