My son is 7 months old, what should he be eating and how much?

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My son is currently going through a can of formula in 6 days. He has the rice cereal and baby food and he still wants the bottle. Can anyone help me?


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A bottle first then Solids 1-3x's a day depending on how much he will eat. Probably about 2-6oz jar. This is all guessing as EVERY child is different. So your child could have more or less depending on your child. These are simply a minor guideline.

My son will be 6mo's on the 15th of this month he has had Bananas, Apples, Avocados, Sweet potatoes, Carrots and he has had some brown rice cereal. I make all his baby food homemade so I really can't tell you how much he eats as far as sizes but I would say roughly about 2-3tbls total once a day. He is happy with that.


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These are questions for your doctor and have a great deal to do with how he is growing. It sounds like you want him off the bottle, it is way way too soon for that.

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Solids are not supposed to replace formula/breast milk feeds until a year. He should be getting the bottle FIRST and then offered solids if he is still hungry. None of mine were bottle fed, but I would 'guess' a bottle every 4ish hours during the day is about right. Solids (if he wants them after a bottle) 1-3 times/day and then a bottle or two during the night (if he's not sleeping through).

This is all a guesstimate as my last child was nursed on demand (10-20ish times in 24 hours at 7 months old) and was only occasionally tasting solids before a year.

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