My son is 7 yrs old and is diagnosed with PDD and ADD, he was severely speech delayed until he was 4 and has been in special ed since age 2. He has sensory integration issues and allergies to eggs and peanuts...For the most part he was doing well in school but this past year i was involved in a near fatal car accident which left me bed bound for 3mths and homebound for the past 6mths due to my injuries...I did everything with him school wise and outside of school, and I feel the school staff did not deal with our family trauma correctly bec his frustration levels, anxiety and behavioral problems have increased tremendously...I also found out that the school staff was not handling him appropriately and I'm dealing with the district on this now...My problem now is that his neurologist is suggesting I put him on risperdal. I have been a psych SW for the past 20 yrs and left my job to take care of my son...I have not had a good impression of meds due to the population I have worked with...putting him on meds scares me alot bec i feel he will always be on them then...any mom have the same experiences and can give me some feedback??


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