My son is 8. He lines up his toys, walks on his toes, rarely cried as a baby and was slow to speak. He's at school, reserved, loves having friends round and he is doing well at school. I'm concerned that he may be autistic. His behaviour is good, although me being on my own I feel I give a lot of leeway Does anyone else think these are symptoms of this condition. Thanks


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When in doubt have it checked out. I know two moms with younger autistic boys and getting them tested ended up being the best decision they ever made. You are not giving leeway, your a very tolerant mommy which kudos for you. But getting him tested could mean improvements or easing your mind.


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Like said earlier - worth going to see an educational psychologist and/or your doctor and get your son checked out/tested. Write down what you've noticed about his behaviour/development that's caused you concern. If your gut instinct as a Mum is making you worried about your son, then it's worth following up. If he does have a medical condition, it shouldn't stop him from having a fulfilled life, but will help you to put your mind to rest regardless of what the test says.

Michelle - posted on 10/09/2012




Thanks Danielle for your reply. You're right, I think I will go for the test. Better to know these things and as you say, would help put the mind to rest. I just don't get how when I read up on it, it's saying that the Mother knows her child best, she should know. With it being a Medical condition I would rather the Dr be telling me. Thanks again

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