my son is 8 year-old and is having trouble reading and they say he has a learning problem ,and they want to put him in special education and its breaking my heart. i do not know what to don't


Jodi - posted on 04/03/2013




Is the special education they have suggested within the same school? Special Education basically means your son can qualify for additional help, more one-on-one assistance. Many children benefit from being in special education and can overcome their learning difficulties. I have a student in my Year 10 class who was dyslexic and she really used to struggle and needed additional learning support in primary school, but now, although she has to work extra hard at it, more than some students, she is doing really well in my mainstream class and one of my most enthusiastic and diligent students.

Don't see special education as a negative thing, try to see it in a positive light. Such a program will generally also give you a lot more support so you can learn how to help your son with his learning difficulty. Having a specialist team at hand to provide you with assistance, and to focus on your son's individual needs is often going to benefit everyone.

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