my son is 9 yrs old .and start having hair

Alisha - posted on 10/10/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )



1 son is 9 yrs old and start having hair on his it normal??


Raye - posted on 10/10/2014




Your son is normal. Boys hit puberty usually between 9-14. Each kid is different and will develop at a different rate. You should look into some books such as "What's Going on Down There?" It explains puberty for boys in terms of growth, changes in the body and the mind, and sexuality. One section discusses the way peer pressure can push kids into having sex too early. You may think he's too young to learn about sex, but I can assure you he's probably hearing about it from his friends and getting a lot of wrong information. You should read it, then let him read it and let him know he can come to you if he has any questions.

My step daughter is 9 y/o, and she has started getting thicker hair on her legs and underarms. I don't know about her other area, but she has talked to her mom about it, and we got her a book to help explain puberty and proper grooming. She seemed a little concerned that she should start shaving her legs. And we told her she didn't have to start yet unless she wanted to. I hope she will wait until after winter, since she will be wearing pants anyway, and the other kids won't tease her until she starts wearing shorts again in the spring. We hate to see our babies grow up, but it has to happen some time.

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