my son is a shreiker and screamer!! When he's happy, excited, wants attention, angry, you name it. We r all going crazy here... my husband and I both work from home, and he's making that very difficult!! Any tips from other moms of screamers??


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Elfrieda - posted on 07/16/2012




My son (2.5) is also a happy shrieker. When he's with other toddlers, I just let him go for it, I have no plan other than to keep them in the OTHER room or outside as much as possible, because they're all screaming and set each other off. (and I want to spend time with the other parents, not bother with the kids all the time... and they're not being bad, just loud.)
When he's doing it when he's just here with us at home, I remind him about the difference between quiet and loud and ask him to whisper or to talk in a very looooow voice. He's a bit of a ham, so he thinks whispering and the deep voice is funny and by the time he stops he forgot about shrieking. If he just seems a bit wild-eyed and doesn't obey well, I read him a story or we play with playdough or some quiet activity so he can calm down.

How can you take care of him if you're both working from home? If you have a babysitter or take it in shifts to watch him, could you make some sort of office in a secluded corner of the house somewhere and wear earplugs or something?

Kaitlin - posted on 07/16/2012




my middle child is that age too. He shrieks also, so did his brother, and I'm sure his younger brother will too- it's a phase.
Try telling him we don't shriek, no no no, or something of the like, when he starts. He's at an age where you can really discipline now. TIme outs, when done correctly, really work. Don't give him attention or try to quiet him down, even in the grocery store, when he shrieks.
WHat we do is get down on his level and quietly tell him, we don't allow shrieking. If you continue to do so, you will be placed in time out. Then we stand up and continue with what we were doing (we do this at home, at the library, park, in the store, out to eat, anywhere). When the continue (because kids are punks, and they do test limits!) they get plopped right in time out for two minutes (or a minute per age), say "you were placed in time out because you were shrieking. You must stay in time out for two minutes" and you basically ignore them for that time. When he gets up, you put him back and restart the timer. The first few times are tough. But they get it, and it is effective, if you do it correctly.

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