my son is about ti mess up his career

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My only son is in the us army n he just funishing AIT life is just begun for him to enoy
And have a career to when he meets a young lady in there been there over a couple of years
N they only known each other a couple of months,2 now she beome pregnant ntold him it his n she went out brought him a ring nwant to him to marry her she very munitating him about this baby I keep telling him to wait before committing n see if this your child she to insecured n it souds like entrapment he get ready to be employed


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Please don't be offended, but is English not your native language?

From what I've gathered: Your son is in his AIT phase of military training, and has met and possibly impregnated a young woman near (or on) his base.

I'm assuming that when you say 'nthey only known' you mean "And, they've only known"...but have not a clue what you mean when you say she "very munitating him"

Bottom line. If your adult son did not have protected sex with this woman, she very well could be pregnant. If she has multiple partners (you do not know) then there's a chance that the child may not be his. Either way, regardless, paternity will need to be established, and responsibility taken.

You, as a mother, actively encouraging your son to deny his involvement with this woman almost makes me ill.

I encourage caution, yes, but ultimately, he needs to be ready to take responsibility for his consensual actions with this young lady. I don't see how it's messing with his career. He made a conscious decision to have sex. Most adults have sexual relationships, and even marriages, AND careers.

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