my son is adhd and bipolar is on meds but still

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My 7 year old son was recently diagnosed as bipolar and 5 years ago diagnosed as adhd with rage. He is on meds and we have upped the dosage. But he is still totally ungovernable he throws stuff hits himself I'm at my wits end I threatened to stick him juvenile jail. Nothing is working please he.#confused andscared mom


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What cognitive behavioral therapy is he doing?

Often, when used without cognitive or behavioral therapy or with the wrong kind of therapies, medication can make symptoms of ADHD much more severe, resulting in bouts of rage and violence, or on the other end of the spectrum, extreme depression.

It is very important that the cognitive and behavioral therapy is congruent with his medicinal treatment. Often, a patient will have one doctor prescribing medication while another doctor is handling therapy--this isn't bad, it is because most doctors who specialize in behavioral therapy are psychologist and do not prescribe drugs, while psychiatrists are very good at prescribing drugs to remedy at chemical imbalance, they lack specialized skills for behavioral therapy. If this is your case, make sure your sons doctors are communicating with each other regularly.

Also, if your son is only 7 years old, who ever diagnosed him with ADHD when he was two years old is a drug pusher doc. Do not go back to that doctor. ADHD is not to be diagnosed before age 7 and in SOME RARE CASES age 5.

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