my son is ADHD and he does not have very good social skills he has no friends and even the children our family. don`t want to be bothered. i feel bad for him he want friends but kids just don`t like him how can i help him?


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Mary - posted on 02/17/2014




i just came across your post i do not have children with adhd but im just after typing how my child with adhd can make friends into the google search engine and a few websites came up so perhaps have a go at that and you mught come across some helpful suggestions also maybe ask your doctors is there anything in your area or nearest city to help your child develop their social skills. hope this helps.

Celeste - posted on 02/17/2014




I have a son that also has ADHD and has trouble with social skills. What we have done is read social stories to him. You can google "Watson behavior stories" and you'll find stories for a lot of undesirable behaviors

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