My son is almost 2 and refuses to eat! i don't know what to do

Lacy - posted on 02/06/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




my son started the not eating when we moved back into my in-laws house and now he rufuses to eat pretty much anything that isn't a chip, cookie or just junk food. I think it's because of the texture but it's driving me nuts


Rebekah - posted on 02/06/2014




Who is feeding him the junk food? Are your in-laws contributing to this behavior change?

If you think its the texture, you can always have him evaluated by an Occupational Therapist to see if it is a true sensory issue. (I have a nephew who had this issue...he had no problem eating crunchy things, but if it was lumpy or slimy, etc, it would make him gag). There are healthier options that would have similar textures to what you mentioned: cereals (low-sugar), granola bars, whole wheat crackers. But yes, a broader diet with fruits and vegetables is what you want to aim for.

However, if it is a learned behavioral issue, then you have to disallow junk food as an option. He should get hungry enough that he will be willing to eat healthier foods again (assuming he used to eat healthy to begin with). If he stonewalls and eats nothing, and someone gives him a cookie just to get him to eat something, then he has learned that if he waits long enough, he will be rewarded with the sweets or junk food. That has to stop. Hopefully being with your in-laws, they can support you by agreeing to this strategy together, or it won't work.

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