My son is already a little over 2 and I am having problems to potty train him. WE just had our second baby and would love him to use the potty but can't figure out to get him to figure out when he has to use the potty. CAn any one give some advice?


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If he's just a little over 2 and you JUST had another baby... my advice is to wait. Let him see and be informed of the whole 'potty process' and encourage him to try if he seems willing. Otherwise... let it be up to him for now.

Child-led potty training, in my personal experience w/ 3 kids (two that were parent led and one that was child led), is WAY easier and WAY more successful.


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Kay - posted on 01/27/2012




Boys are hard! My five year old didn't really get it until he was three.

Cloth training pants worked better for us than disposable ones.

I printed Thomas the Train pictures and a set of tracks that we hung on the wall. Every time he pottied, he added a train to the tracks.

Books!!! Lots of books close to the potty so that he could read while he is there.

Timed potty breaks and lots of celebrating the smallest victories.

Good luck!

Kaitlin - posted on 01/27/2012




Don't rush it. I know the desire to have the kids potty trained is a great one, but try not to make it into too much of a big deal. In short, wait.

First, perhaps he is not actually ready. Even if he shows some of the sings of readiness, it is normal for many children (though mostly boys) to wait until around age 3. By forcing or making it into a bigger deal than it is, it may discourage him further. However, continue to talk about it in everyday conversation. Keep the potty seat in the bathroom or wherever you decided to put it. Talk about how Mommy is going to use the potty now, or Daddy just pooped! Etc, etc. Get people who come to visit in on the fun too. Everybody poops, lol.

If you’re going to surge ahead with it, just stick him in underwear, and be prepared to do lots of wash. If he’s playing on the floor (and it’s carpet, especially) try playing ‘picnic’ and getting him to sit on a blanket or towel that will more easily clean up. Remind him often, ask him if he has to pee every ten minutes or so, and go and ‘try’ a lot. Perhaps give him one M&M every time he actually pees, or two if he poops (but not for tries) and lots and lots of praise.

Second, it is very common for children to revert a bit after a new baby is born. There's a lot of change happening! Mommy is suddenly occupied a lot more of the time, and this new baby is getting way more attention. When my second son was born, my first started crawling again. It will settle down after a few months, again, don't make a big deal about this either. Encourage your son to help, can you bring me a blanket for OUR baby? Can you help be burp him/her? What do you think he/she wants right now? etc etc

Third, ask him what he wants to accomplish soon- what would he like to do? Does he want to eat at the big table? Does he want to pick out his clothes? does he want to brush his own teeth? Does he want to wear underwear like mommy and daddy? Does he want to....... ? Giving him more choices (all of them good ones that you already chose, lol) and giving him more control will help him to feel more grown up, and he'll get more and more excited to act like an adult (or big kid).

I have two boys, 15 months and 28 months, and we're expecting another in July. I remember when our second first came home, it seemed like all I did was change diapers! But looking back, it wasn't that bad. I'm sure your son doesn't fill his diaper nearly as much as a newborn. And even though Will was only a year old, he would 'help' me get out a wipe or rub his brother's head while I changed him. I hope this helps! And I hope you're getting some sleep!

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