My son is being brainwashed and poisoned against his own Mom and sneaks around to see me not to up set his Dad.

Kristin - posted on 10/03/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




Any Moms out there going there in horrible custody battles. My 13 year old son last year on my birthday had a nervous breakdown and ended up in a childs mental facility. He was having repeititve thoughts of stabbing his Dad. THe very person he decided to live with. Then I find out at my daughters first communion in church my son coudn't sit on the hard bench becasue his tail bone hurt from being kicked down the stairs by his Father. My 7 year old daughter who lives with me saw then entire event and yet the courts witll do nothing and leave him with his father.
I wrote letters to my senator, Governor and even the state Judge in charge of 67 counties in NY and nobody can help me. What is wrong with these courts?
My name is Kristy B.. WOuld love to hear from any Mom who wants to vent.. :)


Dove - posted on 10/03/2014




If the judge allowed your son to live with his father in spite of the mental health records... you either need a new lawyer, a new judge, or both. good luck!

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