my son is being bullied by his teacher

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Hello, I have a 11year old son who is being bullied by the headteacher and some of the staff. He been told over the years his work is rubbish, been made to play with a child who bits, kicks, punches and scratches him. Been made to stand up in front of the class because his handwriting is not good enough. Had sly remarks because hes not good enough at sport like your useless. been shouted at for talking when other children are talking. has been made to feel inadequate. Last week he was sent to the Head for running in the classroom the headteacher told him that he cannot tell his parents that he was told off and sent to his office if you do you will have to prove it. i have been in and tried to sort it out but it only makes things worst for my child, the staff and head pick on him more. my child is not alone in being bullied they pick on other children to. What can i do, who do i report it to? the Governors take the staff side as all of them work in the school please help


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Michelle - posted on 07/11/2012




I agree with Krista however is there anyway to change his school, because he no longer feels safe in the environment that he is in and school should be a safe place.

Krista - posted on 07/11/2012




Do you know any of the other parents whose children are being bullied? There is strength in numbers. If they too, have complained, with no results, then it may be time to contact your government's department of education.

First of all, get your ducks in a row. Note down dates, names, incidents. Make copies of ANY correspondence that you have had with them, and note down what the results were of that correspondence. Be meticulous in your detail, and get as many eyewitnesses/corroborating statements as you can. When you send your letter to the education department, be clear about what you want them to do about it -- a complaint without a request is useless. Send everything via registered mail, so that you know they received it (make copies of everything for yourself first, of course!)

If, after two weeks, you have not received any response (or only a form letter), then it is time to go to the media.

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