my son is breast fed its been 3wks & my nipples still hurt even after feeding?is it thrush or normal


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Brandi - posted on 02/14/2011




If your nipples/breasts are shiny red or have white patches on them and/or if your son has white patches in his mouth and/or on his bottom, then you might have thrush. You could maybe have a plugged duct or baby may not be latched on as well as he should be. Make sure he is all the way on your breast and not just on your nipple. His lips should be puckered out and you should hear him swallow. Being sore can still be normal but it should not be painful

Terrill - posted on 02/14/2011




My son latched on great and I had no problems so I assumed my daughter would be just as easy...not so much. Turned out I thought she was latching on properly but she wasn't. My health visitor advised that perhaps she had a smaller mouth and therefor did not take as much of the nipple as she should have been. I was in such pain I spent one night crying while she fed! Lansinoh was good but after 3 weeks I went to formula. The problem is I felt really guilty as it is drummed into us that breastfeeding is the only way. But to be honest, after moving her to formula, we were both happier. She was more settled and I was less sore! (Miss the big boobs though:)

If you feel the need to perservere again, try Lansinoh and make sure he is getting enough of the nipple in his mouth ( you should basically not see any of the bottom half of the areola) and if that does not work,. do not feel guilty about switching to formula. The best thing for everyone is if you AND baby are happy. Good luck!

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Brittany, it's quite normal to to have tender nipples in the early days.
Correct latching is so important - how is your son's latch? This is an awesome video:

Getting the latch correct might help your poor nipples! I wouldn't rush out to buy cream - just smear a little breast milk on your nipples and leave them to air dry.
Make sure you break the suction when he's coming off the breast.
If you're still having problems, consult a board certified lactation consultant, or the La leche league in tour area.

Alison - posted on 02/14/2011




It is not uncommon to have pain at 3 weeks. Try to get his mouth open as far as it will go to get as much breast in as possible. If he is too close to the nipple, the suck is much more powerful and that is probably why you are sore.

I was sure my daughter was latching on just great but the nurse told me she needed more boob in her mouth, and she was right!

Gwen - posted on 02/14/2011




Also, Lansinoh cream is awesome. A tiny dab is all you need to help keep them from getting dry or cracked. Baby can nurse right over the cream. It's also great for chapped cheeks, diaper rash, scrapes, etc.

Tyrae - posted on 02/14/2011




Have you checked his latch? I had a really hard time at the beginning with my daughters latch. It got so bad that my nipples were bleeding constantly. Once I had her latch down I healed up and it has been so much easier to bf. It only hurts now when she latches on and than pulls her head back or twists. At the end of the feeding it becomes a game for her now or something because she'll do it and than laugh at me...
To check his latch make sure his top and bottom lip are outwards, not sucked into his mouth. His mouth should be open as much as possible before he latches on, if you need to you can even pull his chin down with a finger to open his mouth a bit wider. And if his cheeks are sucking in (like fishmouth style) when he is sucking than he's not latched on right either, his cheeks should go flat but not inwards.
To help with the pain try and hold him in a different position than you have been. It puts stress on a different area of the nipple and it help heal and relieve pain on the part they've been mauling.

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