My son is five months old. He has only been feeding on formula milk, and when am not going to work breastfeeding only. thats the advise i was given by the doctor not to have him eat any solid food until hes 6months. I am trying to worry he may not be getting full coz he insists on breasting the whole night. please help.


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My daughter nursed frequently through the night until she was 26 months. She only started getting a taste for solids around 10 months of age, yet has always been off the chart weight and heightwise, so I really wouldn't say frequent night-nursing is a sign that your baby is starving, lol.

Minnie - posted on 11/16/2011




Nursing many times during the night is normal for breastfed babies. It's common for infants to receive up to 25% of their caloric needs during the night for the first year. It's also likely that your baby uses nursing during the night to spend more time in physical contact with you. Non-nutritive sucking is beneficial in keeping up your milk production and providing valuable immune factors along with offering comfort.

A good indication that he's getting adequate sustenance is a steady weight gain (even if it's small), good sized poos and urine that isn't smelly or dark.

In fact, many babies choose to nurse frequently when at home when they're with their mothers and during the night and not take much expressed milk or formula at their caregiver's. That's called reverse cycling.

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