My son is having problems with another boy at school touching him inappropriately. Another parent who found out about my son's troubles said to me,


Julie - posted on 04/12/2013




Yes I agree with other poster, this issue needs to be addressed with the teacher and Principle of the school, as it can mean many things and the school may be aware of other issues that you are not privy to in regards to this other child and they will better be able to deal with whats happening by speaking to the parents of the other child and hopefully resolving the issue.

One child touching another inappropriately is sometime done with complete innocents and may be (if not seen by an adult and picked up on previously) that the child may not know it's deemed inappropriate, but it could also mean that he has been touched like that himself and thats why he thinks it's normal or just playing, either way the school is your first point of call.

Also just say calmly to your son that if it happens again, to just ask the other boy to "please not do that, as I don't feel comfortable when you do that to me" or what ever age appropriate line you wish to use. But try not to lay blame with the other child as he may be a victim himself.
Good luck.

Julie - posted on 04/12/2013




Email or Go to the principal Immediately. Any inappropriate physician contact is subject for suspension. The boy, his parents and your son need to know it's not ok and action should be taken so the boy who is touching gets the message and your son gets the message that he is safe to be @ school and people are there to protect him.


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Delilah - posted on 04/12/2013




I would speak to the teacher and principal usually when a child is young and doing these things mean he himself is being touched this way .dont let the cycles continue.

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