My son is in kindergarten. We get reports from school that he is agggressive and pushes and hits. He rarely does this at home, so we are not sure how to correct the problem.


Medic - posted on 10/24/2011




We had this EXACT problem last year when my son was in pre-K. Come to find out (too late) was that it was an issue with the teacher being able to control the class and being able to deal with children that are above average. There were too many kids in the class, too many that had behavioral issues, and my son felt that he needed to defend himself. I am not saying my son is perfect by any means but the problem is not always the starting problem, and sometimes the kids just react without thinking. Which doesn't make them right either. I would just look into the issue more and talk to your son about how other kids act at school, how he feels about that, if he feels safe, and how to use his words not his actions.

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