my son is not intrested in writing his homework any suggestion?


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He needs to figure it out for himself. I so not know how old he is, but most kids are displaying independance in these matters. He jsut wants o show you he is in charge of himself, and you cannot make him 'write'.
for example:
One of my kids growing up hated school with a passion. The other two, got straight A's all the way through. my son who is now 30yrs old, is a single dad of 2 little precious girls. He never did finish school, he never did like learning, he never liked to read, write or do math. In fact, he ripped up school books and skipped school, to the point that I had to quit my job to keep an eye on him. I tried to force him to do his homework, and read his books. The only thing it did was put a huge barrier between us. It was horrible. The only thing we did is fight. And it was bad fighting with him. This is when I learned about choices and consequences. He had to go to school, but what he did there, I could not control. He refused to do his homework. he eventually dropped out of school. I hated it for him, but , unfortunately he had to find his own way. He is now a heating and AC mechanic, working for a big company making $25.00 an hour, raising his 2 girls by himself and doing a remarkable job.
I guess the moral is, pick your battles, school/reading/writing is very important, but some kids are just not A/B material and they have to WANT to do it. The more you MAKE your kids do things, or bribe them to do them, the harder it will be. Respect them and their decisions, even if you know it is not he best one, let them learn their way.

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I say let him suffer the consequences. He doesn't do his homework...he fails school. He'll probably get detention and have to retake the class. That's usually incentive enough for some kids.


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Tamara - posted on 06/27/2011




Yup in situations like this I decided I can either loose my mind trying to get them to do their homework, which creates tons of tension in the house, Or say Oh ok don't do it, they don't do it get held in at recess or get detention to finish it they learn. A lot of times the natural consequence is the best.

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