My Son is obsessed with PS

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My 17 year old son is so hooked on Play Station to an annoying and now disturbing degree. I have tried everything to get him away from it, hiding it and locking it up! I am disturbed by the violent games these kids play. When not on PS his concentration is weak and only seems to get remember part of what I said!!. We then have arguments about, you didn't say so, no I did... Are all other kids like this too? Will he grow out of it? How should I handle this?


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I have a 16 year old, and we have rules in our house around any sort of computer game activity. He must complete school work and chores before he can have free time. In addition, he doesn't have any of this equipment in his room. TVs and computers are in public areas of the house and public areas are shared areas, so this is self-limiting in many ways. No arguments over it in this house :).

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My son is only 9 years old, so I don't know if this will help or not. I am teaching him now so that by the time he is 17, he will have the self control and self discipline to pull himself away. You couldn't really do that because the games were not as interactive and addictive when your son was younger--In the past 5 years or so games have become more integrated, not only through social media and the ability to play online with others, but also the objectives of the games--they have become "role playing" games with endless possibilities to explore, rather than just a set of obstacles to overcome to get to the end.

I sometimes temporarily turn game systems and computers off if he is on it for too long at a time. If he EVER, even once, tried to turn on a game after I turned it off and told him he was done for the day, the game system would be gone.

We have a time limit on all "screentime" which is 7 hours per week, no more than 2.5 hours in a single day. It averages to an hour a day, but some days there isn't any time to play video games or watch TV, or he might save up his time so that he can watch a full length movie on the weekend. We use stopwatch apps on our phones to track it--I expect him to be responsible. When he turns on a game (or whatever), he starts his timer & I start mine. If he goes over 7 hours for the week, he loses 1 hour the next week for every 5 minutes he goes over, because I do believe in second chances. If he goes more than 20 minutes over in a single week, I would get rid of the game system or computer. It's kind of like a bank account--if you overdraft your account, you have to pay fees, but if you overdraft by too much, the bank will close your account.

I have to just keep track of start & stop times to make sure he doesn't violate the 2.5 hour maximum, but we don't usually have a problem with that because no one really ever has 2 hours free in a single day unless they plan for it.

I don't know if you can make a 17 year old follow rules and time limits, but it's worth a shot. If he doesn't do it, I would just get rid of the playstation all together so he can't play it anymore until he buys his own.


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Ev - posted on 09/23/2013




Same at my house. Computer and game machines are in the common area of home. He has chores he has to do and he does them but he is learning also to control how much he plays. He has also learned to quit playing and ask me if I want to play or watch a movie or go window shopping. He is 16 years old. You needed to have a set up before he got that system as to the rules regarding play time and such. He is almost 18. When he gets there, he won't want to listen to you anymore.

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