My son is on drugs


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I am so desperate! My Son is 36 and he has been to rehab once aprox 7 years ago
He was so good after that, his addiction was weed,speed now since 2013 his started again, he has a beautiful Apartment a fantastic family job in our family business, but he chooses to hang around bad influences, he is so so hungry all the time, the lies are horrible, I have now lock him out of the apartment, a a in some cases i ave read they need to hit rock bottom, and can only go two ways get back on truck or be lost for ever
I am up to the point of fearing for my health and my Husband can not deal with all this anxiety and stress.

My Son he is in total denial as it usually is, I have suggested so many options but no Moore i am tired , I am sick to the bones!!!!
Do you think I am wrong by not give him any money or a place to sleep?
Do i let him hit rock bottom?
And give him taught love?

Thank you all
God Bless

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