My son is one week away from 4 months and he only weighs 13lbs, is that bad?

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Eastons birth weight was 6.1lbs and now at a week from 4 months he only weighs 13 lbs... is that bad? He's breastfeed..


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My 3.5 year old is 31 lbs and my almost 5.5 year old is 36 lbs. The average weight by the time they reach one is around 20 lbs, but it really does depend on the child. There are some 5 month olds that weigh 20 lbs and some 2 year old that weigh 20 lbs.

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My son who was 13 pounds at 2 months was in the 25% at his 2 and 3 year check up. Not sure where he is now (turns 4 in 3 weeks), but his rate of growth has slowed and he's STILL over 5 pounds heavier and a bit taller than his cousin who is 11 months older than him. THAT boy will be 5 in May and has never hit 30 pounds yet.

Like I said... all is fine. :)

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It sounds as if he is doing just fine. At 6.1# at birth he was at about the 10th percentile for weight for his age. He is now at about the 15th percentile for his age, so it appears that he is growing normally and following his curve.


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Emily - posted on 03/05/2012




Thank you guys for the comments cus it really is something that always bothers me. All my friends babies r in the 50th percentile while my little mans in the 10th to 15th

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Not bad at all. Kids come in different shapes and sizes and as long as they are growing, thriving, and meeting milestones... size alone is not a problem at all.

I was tiny and had growth issues (born at 5lbs something)... and was 13 pounds at 13 months. My son, on the other hand, was 13 pounds at 2 months (born at 7lbs 2oz). I don't remember my twins at 4 months, but they were born at 5lb 4oz and 4lb 11oz and both were only 8 pounds something ounces at 2 months.... no way they were 13 pounds by 4 months, but at 10 years old they are almost as big as me now!

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He sounds excellent to me. Most babies double their birth weight by 6 months, triple it by 1 yr. If he is eating good and seems happy to you then he is fine.

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