My son is peeing on the floor!

Liz - posted on 06/22/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son is 2 1/2 and is taking his diaper/pull-up off and peeing on the floor, bed, couch or wherever he wants. Once he started doing this I created a sticker reward chart so that each time he goes in the potty he gets a reward. I have been offering this reward for about 2 weeks now and he still refuses to go on the potty, he has earned 5 stickers in 2 weeks. I have tried both a potty chair and a seat that sits on our toilet. He knows it's wrong because he will go into a different room to pee on the floor or shut the door of the room he is in. I have been trying to take him to the bathorom every 20 minutes but he gets so angry and doesn't want to go. I don't want to push too hard, but I am tired of scrubbing my carpets and washing bedding.


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Bri - posted on 06/22/2011




i simply clapped and say yeahhh!!!!! good girl to my DD! Reward with a small ice cream cone, just praise and encourage!

Shelz - posted on 06/22/2011




my carpets are the same my 26month old still hasnt gone in the toilet! i find it hard to remember to ask her if she needs to go (whilst having a 8 month old on the move and cleaning all day) Whenever i do ask her she says no then goes toilet about 2 mins after on the floor. maybe i need an alarm

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