My son is six and just started wetting him self in school..

Melinda Sue - posted on 05/14/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son is six this week he just started wetting himself in school.. it happened monday i took him to the doctor they did a urine test to rule out diabeties and other infections they all came up normal.. The school called me again yesterday i had to pick him up again.. THe nurse called today with concerns again stating that its not normal he is always hungry and thirsty and now wetting himself.. I called the doctor the doctor again assured me they would have noticed if something was wrong when they took urine. It isn't happening at home I called his father it isn't happening there its only happening at school and it just started this week and its almost the end of the school year.. They said they let him go to the bathroom when ever he ask but before he even gets up he has already gone in his pants.. the doctor also said they need to let him go four times a day and he can't drink every time he wants to and i should put him on a strict diet which he has already been on being that this was a concern to me over two years ago when i took him when he was 3.. Now even than all the test came back clear i don't know what else to do and the school now thinks its an emotional thing but nothing is new nothing has changed the only new thing in his life is his dads mother has a new boyfriend and he goes to his dads on the weekend and i don't reallt think that would do it any suggestions please or comments will help thanks


Fatima - posted on 05/14/2014




Relax, mommy! One of my brothers wore a diaper all throughout middle school. It was a secret between my parents and the nuns. Some kids get so excited when they're playing with other kids or busy doing something that they don't think of going to the bathroom. Try placing a diaper on him while he's in school just to get him to avoid "dripping" prior to him asking to go to the bathroom.
Work with him at home. Try doing activities and giving him bathroom breaks in between, this way he builds a schedule and he'll know when he has to go as opposed to really, really has to go. Good luck!


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