My son is six years old and started first grade about a month ago. I asked the teacher how he was doing and she said behavior wise he's doing great but he's having trouble focusing on his work and getting done in a timely manner. I asked her again today if he was getting any better and she said he's still having trouble focusing. I know he can do the work because last year he received numerous awards. He doesn't really show many signs of ADHD atleast not when it comes to being hyper . Anyway I want to straighten this out before it affects his education any suggestions?


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User - posted on 09/01/2012




I agree with Jodi. I had exactly the same issue with my son when he was that age. Going up into Year 1 meant a huge leap in expectations as far as workload and levels of concentration needed. It took him quite a while to adjust to it.

It can also take a while to adjust to a new teacher, new classroom, new routines etc. It's too soon to start worrying about it.

Jodi - posted on 09/01/2012




He is a 6 year old boy. They are not known for being able to sit still and focus for a full day. I personally think the expectations of children to do so at this age is ridiculous.

Now, having said that, it isn't the teacher approaching you, it is you approaching the teacher. If SHE thought there were problems, she would contact you about it. This is coming across as a paranoid mummy issue. Given his behaviour is fine, and it is simply a focus thing, this is just a boy being a boy. I have had it countless times of the course of the education of my kids, and it comes and goes. They are doing just fine. FFS people, stop putting labels on your kids!!!

Determined - posted on 08/31/2012




well talk to his doctor since what they think and talk to your son and ask what is going on. Also find out from the teacher what is calling the distraction and if there is any way she can fix, such as if it is sitting next to a friend and they are chatting perhaps the teacher can move his seat.

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