my son is teenager he is addicted and 14 days back sent to rehab , how much time it will take to be normal

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My son is 17 years old in school he get habbit of taking drugs etc now he is rehab from last 14 days . Can he be normal and can continue his studies. and how much time I should keep his in rehab
Please help


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He needs to stay in rehab as long as he needs to be there. You can't put a specific date on that. For some, 30 days is long enough, others need 60 days or 90 days or more. It will be up to his therapists to let you and him know when they think he's ready to come home. He should probably continue with an out patient treatment program after he comes home also.
He can continue to live a normal life, but he will never be *normal* again. He will always carry the addiction with him. It will always be a part of his life. There's no reason he can't continue his schooling and go on to have a productive life though. it'll just be a bit more difficult for him than it would be for a non addict.
I would highly recommend that you get counselling for yourself and whomever else is in your family household. Addiction isn't a disease that affects just one person. It affects the entire family. If your son comes out of rehab and falls right back into the same situation and goes back to the same people and the same habits, no amount of rehab is going to keep him clean. You all need to change your behaviours so that you can give him the best support that you can.
I wish you and your son the best of luck :)

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